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rules of engagement

MinkPink bodysuit and Jeans c/o Wasteland, Vintage jacket and belt, Joie boots, TopShop hat

On Alex: thrifted sweater and turtleneck, knit vest from me, Diesel vest, jeans and belt, hat from a music video he worked on, skull necklace made by Alex, pyramid necklace bought on the street in NYC

Ellen Bucher Photography

Recently, my good friend Alex and I got together to play the cute couple in love for Ellen, who, along with shooting for my blog, is also an amazing wedding and engagement photographer. I have to say, we make quite an adorable pretend couple, and apparently, we were more comfortable shooting together than her real life couples… interesting, and somewhat disturbing. Alex and I had a ton of fun climbing on old buildings and being accosted by local bystanders for photo ops during the shoot. Apparently, we’re famous in Shockoe Bottom, you know how it goes *wink wink*. Anyway, Alex is quite the dapper gentleman, the perfect compliment to a stylish lady such as myself (if I do say so myself). We plan on shooting together again soon, so you can look forward to seeing more of this handsome lad in the near future. Perhaps I will dress him up in some spiffy vintage menswear, or who knows, maybe we’ll shoot a perfume campaign and see how far it goes. I guess you’ll have to stay tuned. See you soon friends!

the emerald isle

Hello blogosphere!  I’m back from Ireland, land of immense beauty and limited wifi connections.  I had planned on blogging while abroad, but no luck.  I spent the majority of my trip in the lush countryside surrounding my parents’ new home in Caherdaniel.  Ireland was a huge surprise for me.  Unlike other overseas adventures, I had never looked much into Ireland before traveling there.  In fact, I didn’t know much beyond what pictures I had seen on my parents’ cameras.  Maybe this ought to become a new practice for me, because the trip was mind blowing.  Driving down any winding country road, every turn my eyes met another spectacular view.  The scenery in Ireland is just plain dreamy.  Everything looks like it popped up out of a fairytale.  Even the animals are especially fuzzy, friendly, and adorable.  If you’ve been following me on instagram, you’re aware of some of the breathtaking landscape I’ve seen.  If not, I decided that today I will share some of that with you, along with some shots from a shoot I did with my sister while there.  Enjoy friends!

Outfit 1:  Urban Outfitters polar bear sweater, Evil Twin leopard blouse, American Apparel corduroy skirt, Jeffrey Campbell boots

Outfit 2:  B.B.Dakota coat c/o NastyGal, Free People fur hat, TopShop dogtooth jeans, Ilse Jacobsen wellies c/o Need Supply Co.

Outfit 3:  American Apparel bodysuit, Aran sweater from Ireland, B-Sides Thrift vintage skirt, Hanna Hats of Ireland hat, Bed Stu boots

gullible gaffes

Saga Islandica puffin sweater (from England), Jeffrey Campbell litas

In the past week, I learned something very important about myself, I am extremely gullible.  I have always sort of known this about myself, and my friends have had a lot of fun with it throughout the years, but I never really realized how dangerous it can be to put too much trust into people.  Although my acknowledgement of this problem did not come about through any fashion blunder, I decided that I ought to make the most of this lapse in judgement of mine by applying this life lesson to my blog.  So today, I will take a look back at my past fashion misgivings and see how and why these indiscretions took place.

We all know that the power of suggestion is force to be reckoned with.  Even our gut instincts can be led astray if the right person in the right circumstance boasts that something is the next big thing.  Like the time that a few of my favorite fashion mags told me that the 80’s were back, and that it was a good thing… or the time my favorite blogger somehow persuaded me to buy shoes that looked like fur covered hooves (see above).  Now, I have to admit, I still sort of love these shoes, but something inside tells me there is something wrong that… there’s that gut instinct!  So how do we summon our inherent good taste when every style maven out there is telling us to buy wedge sneakers and harem pants?… Detox!  Now, I don’t want to lose any readers with this suggestion, but I recently took two entire weeks off of all fashion blogs, magazines, shows, and even stayed away from all shopping, including online shopping, and it really did wonders.  I find myself more in touch with my true style, that style that really reflects my inner self.  Not that trends aren’t fun or worth incorporating, even the trends I’ve mentioned above (all of which I own), it’s just that you don’t want to lose yourself in them.  Part of the fun of a trend is making it your own.  If you ever find yourself styling you to be someone you really aren’t, or *gasp* buying an outfit straight off of a mannequin, you probably need a fashion input detox.  Never fall prey to the powers that want to trick you into believing you’ll be missing out on something great if you don’t buy that neon satchel (oops, I have that too).  Remember, you never know who you can really trust, so keep your intuitive mind strong with frequent detoxes, just as you would with your body.

Okay friends, I hope, despite this recommendation, you visit again tomorrow.  This will be a week of daily posts again before I head off to Ireland for a week!  Love you all!  xox

the simple life

Handmade dress, Vintage necklace

In the future, we may all be forced to make clothes out of whatever is available to us.  It’s nice to know that a creation as lovely as this dress could come out of that predicament.  I suppose every dark cloud has it’s silver lining.  Some designers have already made the leap to recycled ready to wear, creating garments out of only scrap fabric and recycled textiles.  This dress was made for a school project I had 2 years ago which challenged us to create something wearable for everyday out of “garbage”.  I’m not much one for digging around in the trash, so I went the scrap fabric route, using two different silks, then added a single plastic detail which I procured from the packaging my new comforter had come in.  The moral of the story is that anything can become something beautiful if the right intentions are behind it.  So don’t overlook your old dresses and crafting scraps, get creative and have some fun and see what you can create!… and give mother earth a little break while you’re at it.

it’s all white

Handmade rosette sweatshirt, similar available at American Apparel, Reverse shorts c/o Shop Planet Blue, Handmade necklace

Ellen Bucher Photography

Nothing is more calming than all white.  Simple, pure, peaceful, and fresh, white can be a tranquil escape for a life of busy prints and busy bodies.  They say not to do it after labor day, but I’m not about to dip into the all black uniform of winter, these cold months are bleak enough as it is without throwing in a griever’s wardrobe.  White is quiet and demure, which actually suits the winter months much for appropriately.  I’m fully ready for the quiet time awaiting us.   I’ll be wearing white by the fire this year.

wood fire

Clover Canyon dress c/o Shopbop, Vintage jacket, Joie boots

Ellen Bucher Photography

Digital prints are a huge trend right now, as went over this summer in my previous posts Sunrise, Sunset and Tree in the Wood, which also features another wood-grain print.  Clover Canyon is a new brand, launched in LA, and the label has quickly become recognized as the master of digital prints.  Using both hand designed graphic prints and photographic images together in each piece, their designs are modern, artistic, and extremely unique.  Another thing Clover Canyon does well, fun!  Their designs you simple and classic silhouettes then transform them using the art of print, so of course I am going to be obsessed.  Every Clover Canyon piece I have is extremely wearable and would brighten up a room at most any occasion.  This dress, with it’s easy tank silhouette, can go from stroll in the park to gallery opening with a few quick accessory changes, and it’s always a conversation starter.  Who doesn’t love having a built in talking point when walking into a party?!