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sunshine and rainbows

Riller & Fount dress, Osborn loafers, Spell large quartz ring, LowLuv long crystals ring, K/ller collection quill cuff

 Here I am, back in the magical land of Mr. Milk, hanging out under rainbows, the sun at my feet… it’s a great day to be, well, anything you’d like, I’d suppose.  As for me, I’m easy, I’m breezy, and I’m as cool as you can be while it’s over 90 degrees outside.  Days like this were meant for one of three things, free flowing dresses, swimwear, or full on nudity.  Because A Ring to It is both not a porn site and not currently submerged in a body of water, I’ve chosen to go with a dress.  This lovely piece from Riller & Fount is perfect for any occasion.  While I’m depicting the piece in somewhat of a casual light, it is ideal for anything from a summer wedding, to shopping with friends, to a date with your beau.  I myself plan on spending the day twirling around and picking flowers and such, so I’ve paired it with Osborne’s lovely sunset print loafer, another special piece, I must say.  They’d been begging me all week to come to Chris’s studio and play with his colors and fantastical creations, I finally gave in.  They’ve had their fun though, I’m ready to drag them out around my lovely Richmond, see you tomorrow friends!

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  1. Sophie #

    Do you ever wear a bra?

    June 12, 2012
    • Nope!.. Sure don’t… I mean, not with clothes 😉

      June 12, 2012
  2. Anne #

    You’re so adorable, I love all your posts, this is my new favorite blog

    June 13, 2012
    • Thank you soooo much!… that’s beyond sweet! Yayeee!!

      June 17, 2012

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