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all of the colors *featuring the art of Chris Milk*

Vintage dress, Rejoice the Hands round turquoise ring, Vintage rings, all art by Chris Milk Hulburt

My dear friend, and exceptionally talented artist, Chris Milk Hulburt, was kind enough to let allow me to shoot in his home studio today.  Stepping into Chris’s world is always a magical experience.  His studio captivates one’s eyes with it’s fanciful sculptures, endless colors, and bright soul.  It’s like walking into a cloud and running into a rainbow… that has dancing cats and talking birds under it.  I’m serious, that is really what it’s like, your inner-child’s dreamland.  So today, within the walls that most inspire me to do so, I am embracing that child within me, and she is telling me to wear what’s fun, what’s colorful, what captures the joy she is still brimming with.  My next few posts are inspired by her, and by Mr. Milk, his art, his home, and his spirit.  Today, I am swimming in this lovely sea of a dress, at one point, I’m even joined by a whale… what a dream come true!  The dress, a vintage treasure of heavy, pure silk, with hand painted details and a twirling capacity exceeding that of any other item in my wardrobe, embodies the joyous charm of Chris’s work as much as a piece of cloth ever could.  As he himself would say, “delightful!”

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  1. Bridgette #

    Amazing pictures!! Not only are you and your style gorgeous, but your writing is brilliant. It is so entertaining. When I read it, iiiii feel like I’m “walking on a cloud and running into a rainbow”. You are beautiful.

    June 10, 2012
  2. Anonymous #

    You are really damn beautiful

    June 13, 2012

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