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pajama party

Shakuhachi bustier, Elizabeth & James pants, custom etsy hemp and bamboo knit shrug, GAP shoes, Aurelie Biderman arrow ring, ring from my sister

Everyone has those days… you just want to stay in your pajamas, all morning, all afternoon, and hey, check it out, the day is done and you are ready for bed!  I like to think of it as just being reeeally ahead of schedule all day long.  Luckily for us lazy fashionistas, pajama inspired day wear has finally become chic, hallelu!  These silk, drawstring pants by Elizabeth and James, available in a plethora of lovely prints and colors, are by far the softest and most comfortable things to run errands in and still look pretty and luxe.  Although, I have to admit, I did look a little out of place in the Home Depot this afternoon… awwwkward.  I decided to channel a different type of night wear and pair them with a cute bustier inspired top in a print that just happens to be perfectly complementary.  The shrug is a beautiful creation, knitted from hemp and bamboo fibers, it’s the perfect cover up for any casual look.  Well, the day is ending, and I’m already dressed for bed!  I suggest this become a weekly tradition.

that 70’s girl


NastyGal dress, Cult Gaia flower crown, Jeffrey Campbell booties, Anthropologie initial bracelet, vintage heart locket bracelet and daisy bracelet, Rejoice the Hands turquoise cuff and ring, Vanessa Mooney cleodora ring, vintage turquoise rings, vintage goldstone necklace, Tibetan charm necklace

 As I’ve mentioned before, I’m quite a hippie at heart.  That free loving feeling is a direction my everyday clothing choices generally veer towards.  This dress has that hippie chic with a modern edge vibe down like no other.  With it’s unlined bodice and lace up back, it’s impossible not to pay homage to the bra burning days of Woodstock and go au naturale.  The cut out sides and asymmetrical hemline add the right amount of current trend to the overall silhouette.  A full skirt makes this dress perfect for twirling, another quality key in dress investing, of course.  To up my free spirit points, I’ve crowned myself with a Cult Gaia beauty of baby blue roses hand crafted from mulberry paper… swoooon, it’s just too lovely!  A heavy dose of turquoise and vintage baubles, I’m ready to go roll around in a field of poppies, see you later, real world!

Channeling Chanel

Cameo top, H&M shorts, Chie Mihara shoes, Chanel bag, House of Harlow tiger eye ring, vintage pearl ring, vintage wrap ring, vintage heart locket bracelet

Hello Blogosphere!.. I apologize for my recent absence from A Ring to It, I have been on the road.  After a short trip to NYC, here I am, way up in the Finger Lakes of New York, wine country of the east coast.  The countryside here in upstate New York is breathtaking, filled with farmlands, waterfalls, and, as I just mentioned, wineries.  I’m no wino, I don’t even really enjoy it, but the fields of trellis like structures, overflowing with grapevines, are spectacular.  I am shooting here today at CJS Vineyard & Aurelius Winery.  A quaint, and lovely little place, sitting atop a mountain which seems to be made of green marshmallows and rock candy, I feel like I’m in Switzerland.  What could possibly stand up to such a stunning backdrop better than a little bit of Chanel paired with an outfit inspired by the bit?… probably nothing, good thing that’s what I went with.  So here I stand, Chanel bag in hand, with my lovely faux pearl collared shirt and my nubby tweed shorts, paired with Chie Mihara’s lovely booties (which are available in my shop), attempting to look as luxurious as my surrounding.  I’m just gonna go ahead and give it to myself, deserved or not, it’s only fair given my steep competition.  See you tomorrow friends!

kid stuff

Topshop bustier, American Apparel tutu, Dr.Martens vintage boots, Material Therapy bracelets

Play date anyone?!  Sometimes, I just want to be a kid again… so I put on my tutu, my flowers, and my stars, then set my imagination free and daydream the hours the away.  I may appear to be in my sweet hometown of Richmond, Virginia today, but believe me, I’ve been to the moon and back in my mind.  Now, we all know that moon walking requires some pretty hefty boots, and while I save my moon boots for snow days, these vintage docs are tough enough for any planet, moon, or asteroid’s terrain.  They aren’t just built tough, they’re tough to find as well.  That’s right, these floral beauties eluded me for three years… the day I found them in my size, unworn, at a price I could actually bear, was a pretty thrilling one for me.  Pretty sure I sent out a mass text in celebration of that grand achievement.  I can’t just have my feet happy though… my starry bustier seems equally as cheerful, and how can a tutu not make you smile?!  In the spirit of unity, I think everyone out there ought to wear their most lively and joyous outfit today, and maybe go jump on your bed or draw on your wall or eat pancakes for dinner!  Have fun kids!

sunshine and rainbows

Riller & Fount dress, Osborn loafers, Spell large quartz ring, LowLuv long crystals ring, K/ller collection quill cuff

 Here I am, back in the magical land of Mr. Milk, hanging out under rainbows, the sun at my feet… it’s a great day to be, well, anything you’d like, I’d suppose.  As for me, I’m easy, I’m breezy, and I’m as cool as you can be while it’s over 90 degrees outside.  Days like this were meant for one of three things, free flowing dresses, swimwear, or full on nudity.  Because A Ring to It is both not a porn site and not currently submerged in a body of water, I’ve chosen to go with a dress.  This lovely piece from Riller & Fount is perfect for any occasion.  While I’m depicting the piece in somewhat of a casual light, it is ideal for anything from a summer wedding, to shopping with friends, to a date with your beau.  I myself plan on spending the day twirling around and picking flowers and such, so I’ve paired it with Osborne’s lovely sunset print loafer, another special piece, I must say.  They’d been begging me all week to come to Chris’s studio and play with his colors and fantastical creations, I finally gave in.  They’ve had their fun though, I’m ready to drag them out around my lovely Richmond, see you tomorrow friends!

down mexico way

Mara Hoffman blanket shorts, Vintage voile top, Material Therapy bracelets,  Academy coral necklace, Vanessa Mooney cleodora ring, Vintage remaining rings/cuff, Handmade shell bracelet, Joie boots

Margarita party anyone?.. I’m ready!  Sometimes I like to dress thematically;  today’s theme: Mexico baby!  I wish so badly I could head down south of the border and scavenge those famed markets… oh the fabrics I’d find!  I’ve heard stories detailing the lines of vendors, dripping with cheery embroidered linens and vibrant woven cottons, all made by hand.  These shorts are an excellent example of why we ought to just open up those borders.  The heavy loom woven cotton is like nothing else I own, and of course with Mara Hoffman behind their design, the construction of the short actually matches the exceptional textile in it’s overall amazingness.  These could be worn with a classic button down shirt, your favorite tee, or you could go all out in ruffled voile, like me!  These shorts are available, along with a superbly edited collection of garments and accessories, at Spanish Moss.  Make sure to check out their vintage shop and house line, American Gold, as well, if your style is anything like my mine, you’ll be lusting after everything you see.

all of the colors *featuring the art of Chris Milk*

Vintage dress, Rejoice the Hands round turquoise ring, Vintage rings, all art by Chris Milk Hulburt

My dear friend, and exceptionally talented artist, Chris Milk Hulburt, was kind enough to let allow me to shoot in his home studio today.  Stepping into Chris’s world is always a magical experience.  His studio captivates one’s eyes with it’s fanciful sculptures, endless colors, and bright soul.  It’s like walking into a cloud and running into a rainbow… that has dancing cats and talking birds under it.  I’m serious, that is really what it’s like, your inner-child’s dreamland.  So today, within the walls that most inspire me to do so, I am embracing that child within me, and she is telling me to wear what’s fun, what’s colorful, what captures the joy she is still brimming with.  My next few posts are inspired by her, and by Mr. Milk, his art, his home, and his spirit.  Today, I am swimming in this lovely sea of a dress, at one point, I’m even joined by a whale… what a dream come true!  The dress, a vintage treasure of heavy, pure silk, with hand painted details and a twirling capacity exceeding that of any other item in my wardrobe, embodies the joyous charm of Chris’s work as much as a piece of cloth ever could.  As he himself would say, “delightful!”

tree in the wood

Torn by Ronny Kobo dress, Sam Edelman boots, Zara box bag, handmade necklace, Aurelie Bidermann arrow ring, Vanessa Mooney serpent ring, Rejoice the Hands moon ring

Here I am, all dressed up for my date with nature.  I assumed these trees would appreciate my dress, digitally printed in their lovely bark, they weren’t too impressed.  So far, A Ring to It has featured mostly casual day looks, I figured I would step it up a notch.  This dress could easily be worn in a more formal way by simply adding pumps.  Having a dress with a simple, body conscious silhouette in a neutral print or color is a staple for every girls closet. A dress with this shape, in varying colors, could be worn from anything to a girls night out, to a wedding, to a fundraiser, when paired with the right accessories.  My accessories here would lend themselves more to a night on the town with friends or a date with your beau.  Now, many ladies may believe that a form fitting dress such as this may not be flattering to every shape, but they would be wrong.  Body hugging dresses, with the right pleating and details, are much more flattering on full or curvy figures than any billowy or flowing styles.  The right slip underneath will also help smooth any areas you are uncomfortable with.  Okay friends, I am off to play with the squirrels and the bugs and do whatever else trees take you to do on dates!  Happy hump-day and I will see you tomorrow!

editorial road tripping

Wildfox tee, Shakuhachi shorts, Rejoice the Hands cuffs and turquoise rings , A Peace Treaty shark tooth ring, vintage rings and hand piece, Frye vintage boots, vintage cowhide bag

Okay okay, so an editorial road trip would involve turbans and Marchesa gowns a’la Sex in the City goes to Morocco, but I know you’ve all seen the millions of ads and commercials featuring hot girls wearing highly stylized and not so road trip friendly garb whilst speeding through the desert in their vintage Chevy convertibles.  I’m that sort of editorial today.  I’m just a “hot girl”, road tripping in my cut off tee and leg melting cowgirl boots, where’s my Carl’s Jr?  Oh, that’s right, I don’t eat hamburgers.  If I knaw on some carrot sticks is that still sexy?  All kidding aside, I actually love this outfit, and the whole festival aesthetic that has become synonymous with road trips.  Guilty!  The advertisers got me!  I want to buy your beat up tees and dust ridden flower crowns!  I’m okay with that though.  So anyway, I’m dressed, who wants to go on a very stylish and impractical road trip with me?!